Hi, my name is Norwell Therien. I am the owner and founder of Pangean Tactics and would like to tell you a little about myself and my company.  I have been an avid outdoorsman and in the fields of survival, outdoor living and emergency preparedness (in one form or another) my entire life.  I’ve spent tens of thousands of hours outdoors, testing, observing and experiencing how it all works.  I've pushed my skills and knowledge in as many different landscapes as I could possibly manage to get myself into and continue to pursue new experiences and environments every chance that I get.  I have spent over a decade learning survival and wilderness skills under the teaching of Tom Brown Jr., one of the world’s premiere naturalists and survival instructors, and have received from him a letter of recommendation in regards to the quality of the outdoor survival gear I have developed and the skill and knowledge behind their development.  My professional life has been spent in a variety of outdoor trades and has always provided me the good fortune of learning all facets of how the environment and elements affect gear, hardware and the physical body, as well as how they play out in landscapes from the inner city all the way out to the wilderness.

     My decision to begin developing emergency preparedness kits came when I decided to buy one.  After researching what’s out there as far as outdoor survival gear, I found that I felt nothing on the market was suitable to the high speed, high impact, high stress scenarios that a full scale emergency (big or small) can present.  I feel that most of what comes to your attention when looking to buy a go bag is great for having in the closet and making you feel secure, but in an actual life and death emergency, will fall far short of performing to the required standards that a person needs them to. Since beginning the development of my emergency preparedness kits, I have taken them out on countless excursions ranging from ten mile day hikes to hikes covering over a hundred miles in as short a time as I can manage (sometimes the hard pushing has cut my trips short and taught me about the harsh impacts the strain can have on the body).  I have brought my outdoor survival gear with me in the Rocky Mountains, the deserts of the southwest US, the jungles of Central America and all over the northeast US where I live.  I’ve even carried them on simulated “go” scenarios where our teams were driven out of an area by a perceived emergency and pursued by groups of “marauders” who had taken a more aggressive approach to emergency survival.  Needless to say I have personally tested, under real life conditions, every article in these emergency preparedness kits and would stake my life and the lives of my family on all of them.

            Pangean Tactics is built on the knowledge and experience of entire lineages of skills and wisdom's and we have worked hard to incorporate that, not just in our emergency preparedness kits, but also in our philosophies and core values as a company.


Thank you.


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