We at Pangean Tactics believe in being prepared to face any challenge and having the knowledge and tools to survive and thrive.  "Survival" in today's world has become a concept that conjures images of eating bugs and sleeping in muddy holes.  If this is how one "survives" it means one of two things, either that's how you enjoy living, or your skills and equipment are substandard and lacking.  We strive to live a modern existence that is tuned and balanced with the world around us and the land that supports us.  We believe that there is no excuse for being ill equipped (physically, mentally and emotionally) and that, at a moment’s notice life can present life or death challenges that only end in death when one is unprepared.  We are people who were born with a passion for "surthrival" and look to pass on the fruits of our research and experience to anyone who has an interest in gaining from them with survival kits.  Our ultimate goal is to be able to be dropped in any environment with nothing but the clothes on our backs and live like earthen royalty in the comfort of our surroundings,.....of course, that's the holy grail of skill and few in the modern world posses that ability, but that is what we work towards.  Until that day, we occupy and entertain ourselves by field testing and assessing new "tools" to make our lives more comfortable without the modern systems and infrastructures to do it for us.  Our overall objective here is to provide an unsurpassed bug out backpack and an insight on how to fully utilize its potential for the security and comfort of you, your family, and your friends.

     In regards to choosing a survival kit company to purchase a product like a bug out backpack, the choices can seem overwhelming.  As you know, we live in times of uncertainty.  Many of us believe in hoping for the best but being prepared for the worst.  That being said, there are many companies and products on the market today.  At Pangean Tactics, we believe that there is no substitute for the proper combination of gear in a survival kit, and certainly no substitute for quality products when you need them most.  We work hard to pack our bug out backpacks with the highest quality emergency supplies that will perform repeatedly in the toughest environments.  Furthermore, we work to include items in our bug out backpacks that serve multiple uses thereby saving space and weight while providing a wider range of functionality and even comfort in your time of need.  For example, a survival kit may come with tampons, outside of their standard use, they also act as tinder for fire starting, sediment filtration for cleaning water when stuffed in the neck of a plastic bottle, absorbents for wound cleaning and dressing, and lens cleaners, just to name a few.  We view preparedness and survival as an endeavor to exist with the surrounding environment, not against it.  Surviving and succeeding in any situation is not only a matter of the right emergency supplies, but the knowledge to us it effectively and maintaining the right attitude in the process.  Morale is everything and we look to include equipment in our survival kits that will not only keep you alive, but help to keep you in good spirits in times of need.


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